Patrick Mara
is a Republican

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Patrick Mara supported Mitt Romney's campaign to defeat President Obama.

Photo by The Georgetown Dish

Mara made six campaign contributions to Mitt Romney's campaign [1][2][3][4][5][6] and can be seen here in this photo with Josh Romney, son, happily submitting signatures to get Mitt Romney on the ballot in Washington, DC.

[1] November 28, 2011 $249.60
[2] April 10, 2012 $250.00
[3] July 5, 2012 $250.00
[4] July 5, 2012 $250.00
[5] July 11, 2012 $250.00
[6] July 11, 2012 $250.00

Patrick Mara 'vigorously' supported Senator John McCain against President Obama.

Mara gave money to Senator McCain's campaign on five occassions [1][2][3][4][5] and McCain's political action committee[6]. And "Patrick vigorously campaigned in both Manchester and Nashua for Senator John McCain (R-AZ) during the New Hampshire primary" and "was elected an Alternate Delegate to represent John McCain at the Republican National Convention on behalf of District voters."[7] In the 2008 election President Obama won 245,800 votes, to Senator McCain's 17,367 in Washington DC.

In 2009 the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee voted 11-1 to grant DC a full voting rights in the House of Representatives. Mara's choice for President, Senator McCain, was the only NO vote[8] on the bipartisan committee. Senator McCain then introduced a bill in April 2010 to overturn the district's own gun control laws[9] and the district's ability to govern itself. Mara supported a Senator who wrote legistlation to repeal DC's ban on semi-automatic weapons and registration requirements.

[1] October 8, 2004 $250.00
[2] April 24, 2007 $250.00
[3] October 25, 2007 $250.00
[4] December 13, 2007 $250.00
[5] June 30, 2008 $250.00
[6] March 27, 2006 $250.00
[7] Online Politics at the State Level
[8] McCain casts lone ‘no’ vote against DC voting rights February 11, 2009
[9] Senate Goes for D.C. Guns, Again April 27, 2010

Patrick Mara supported George W. Bush [1][2].

In 2007, when Congress was debating legislation to grant Washington, DC full voting rights in the House of Representatives, President Bush threatened to veto the bill[3].

[1] October 7, 2003 $250.00
[2] March 25, 2004 $250.00
[3] Bush Issues Threat of Veto on D.C. Voting Rights March 20, 2007
This site is the sole opinion of a DC resident who wants to share Patrick Mara's anti-DC background, that the candidate himself does not tell voters.